Why Zenmark? It's our ZNA



Zenmark Naming Acumen benefits your team’s branding initiatives through the following foundational principles:

Rigorous Process

Discovery culminates in a rational/objective set of impressions you wish to elicit within the hearts & minds of your target audience(s).

These Core Criteria are then reverse-engineered into a Naming Tree — where each branch represents a different word part, theme, metaphor, etc. for creative pursuit.


Our relentless ideation guarantees we’ll leave no stone unturned, while simultaneously ensuring all options have a realistic shot of making it to market.

Market Ready Marks

A great naming idea only matters if its available (legal, linguistic, regulatory).

Our intensive global legal pre-screening protocol utilizes a custom-designed Rotating String Algorithm. We layer in a character/phonetic replacement engine that ensures we’re screening well beyond identical & near identical marks.

Zenmark's Dotcom URL Guarantee  means no additional domain fees (should you select this option).

With your short list of Semi-Finalists in hand, we’ll turn to our global network of Native Speaking, In-Country Linguists. They represent 200 of the world’s most prominent languages & dialects.


And, should circumstances dictate, you’ll be armed with deep and actionable insights from your target audience(s). Such market research will support your team in making the most effectively informed decisions.

Emergency Branding Services

If you have time to call or email us, we have time to solve it.

We founded Zenmark in 1999 on the quaint notion of Internet Time: which essentially meant no time at all.


Our process is designed to run without compromise in Two Weeks or Less Guaranteed.

The tighter your timeline, the brighter we shine.

High Profile Clientele

Zenmark’s track record of working with household brands provides evidence-based assurance to support your decision to hire our team.


These top-tier global powerhouses set high bars for an agency to clear in order to be trusted with their business.

We’ve got the brand names to prove it.

Principal-led Engagement

While our client profile is high and our creative scope is global, our agency structure is agile & boutique.


You always get our A-Game because we simply have no B-Team.

It’s how we guarantee every client, every project, every endeavor incorporates our obsessive attention to getting it right.

EE Pedigree

Brands – like all bridges – must be Engineered


Zenmark Co-Founder & Creative Director Greg Balla has a rather unusual professional background for a branding agency leader. While most Silicon Valley Electrical Engineers are rabidly pursuing dreams of dotcom glory, our Navigator uses his deep technology background to ensure we hit the ground running every time.

No learning curve required, regardless how nuanced your precision approach may be.

Manufacturing Consensus

Back to the Core Criteria, the key mechanism by which your team agrees to an objective standard for evaluating name candidates.

People tend to react to names primarily from their guts: impulsively, subjectively, even illogically. This natural dynamic is often counterproductive to building consensus because your team is comprised of a diverse array of informed professionals.

Herding those cats around one name can prove back-breaking and deflating. Humans often desperately desire what they cannot obtain.

In essence, the Zenmark process produces an environment where consensus is encouraged to flourish.