Legal, Cultural & Demographic Assurance

Launching a new brand name always comes with risks of unintended consequences. Zenmark can help you address the often steep legal, cultural and demographic challenges inherent in global brand launches.

Rigorous legal pre-screening of name candidates (on a global basis) is an inextricable element of Zenmark’s naming process.

In this age of heightened cultural sensitivity, it is crucial to thoroughly understand how audiences around the world will tend to react to your brand name candidates.

We believe Insight Research should be used, NOT as a beauty contest which crowns the winning name, but as a means to enlighten and support your team’s decision-making process.

In every case, Zenmark approaches Trademark Research with an intensity that reflects the enormous investment of time and capital that goes into the building of your global brand.

Legal Screening

While no branding agency can guarantee ultimate legal availability, Zenmark always strives to achieve the lowest rate of attrition amongst our proposed name candidates. 

Our in-house experts have decades of experience in the trademark search and clearance arena.  While excelling in all aspects of legal screening, our speciality is pharmaceutical trademarks.  We recognize and embrace the challenging nuances of clearing these types of names.   

Before you ever see a name, Zenmark conducts a rigorous and comprehensive legal pre-screen.  Our exhaustive approach goes well beyond typical identical and near-identical searches.    Our screening protocols are performed on a global basis and are tailored to fit the needs of your specific project.  When desired, we will work closely with your in-house and/or outside counsel to help achieve the most efficient clearance process possible. 

Simply put, when you pick Zenmark, there’s a Damn Good Chance Your Name Will Clear.



Linguistic Analysis

Today’s global economy requires brands to work across countries and continents. Zenmark has nearly two decades of experience with such international challenges.

Our team confidently relies on Native Speaking, In-Country Linguists for Preliminary and In-Depth Linguistic Assessment in up to 80 countries and 200 languages.

We offer two levels of linguistic & cultural analysis:

1. Preliminary Linguistic Screen

This cursory check relies on Native-Speaking, In-Country Linguists to provide feedback on negative associations and pronunciation issues only.

This top-level screen typically takes approximately 3 to 5 business days.

2. Global Brand Evaluation

This deeper, more comprehensive analysis is usually conducted with a minimum of two Native-Speaking, In-Country Residing Linguistic Specialists in each territory surveyed.

The respondents provide more in-depth feedback, which includes:

  • Positive & Negative Connotations
  • Correct Pronunciation
  • General Imagery
  • Cultural Associations
  • Local Slang
  • Existing Brand Associations
  • Local Etymology Implications

This deeper level analysis typically takes approximately 2 weeks to complete.

Zenmark can test in almost any language or dialect around the world. We have honed a recommended 43-language array for global naming projects.

We can also customize to your specific project needs.


Market Insights

Through surveyable means, we’ll uncover the market perceptions required to help you make strategic, data-driven decisions about choosing the right name.

Zenmark delivers evidence-based decision support by conducting a commercially focused Market Research study. Such tests vary in size and scope, and they typically target a mix of customers and subject matter experts.

Our Insight Testing process is designed to evaluate names for the following characteristics:

  • Appeal
  • Imagery
  • Fit-to-category
  • Memorability
  • Differentiators
  • Key Attributes


Our Global market reach encompasses: US, EU, APAC, LATAM, Australia and beyond.