If you wish to learn the highest truths, begin with the alphabet.

- Japanese Proverb​

Soul.  Name.  One and the same.

The choice of a name is often the single most important marketing decision a team will ever make.

In the world’s oldest cultures, the words for “name” and “soul” were identical or very similar.

A great name (mark) encapsulates what’s important to your audience in a way that powerfully expresses your essence (Zen).

A great name has the power to define & realign markets while inspiring individuals and bringing teams together.

Good Clean Names

Great names are only truly great if they are available and market ready. Nothing’s worse than your team falling in love with a name they can’t have.

We do the due diligence required to ensure that all name candidates are legally viable, linguistically sound, market tested and (when necessary) regulatory ready.

Before showing any brand name candidates to you, Zenmark’s in-house team will rigorously pre-screen each mark for any obvious conflicts or similarities that would likely prevent you from using the brand name in commerce on a global scale.

While no branding agency can guarantee ultimate legal availability, we relentlessly strive to achieve the lowest possible rate of attrition amongst proposed name candidates.

If desired, Zenmark will work closely with your IP attorney(s) to help you get the most accurate risk assessments and the highest-caliber legal clearance results possible.