Maximize Impact

When lookalike / soundalike uniqueness – along with global regulatory approval – matters above all else, achieving Excellence in Naming can be daunting.

It’s why so many new drug names are such groan inducing, unappealing head scratchers. And it only gets harder every day.

We’ve been delivering category-dominating pharmaceutical tradenames since 2002.

As many Zenmark clients will attest, our pharma names are just plain better.

Minimize Surprises

We provide world-class Validation Services that include Linguistic Analysis, Safety Testing , and Commercial Research.

Our Rx Panel of Safety Experts possesses decades of experience in managing pharma tradenames.

The goal is to effectively assess your chances of regulatory approval and commercial success.

Optimize Options

Zenmark understands the ins and outs of a field as complex as the chemical compounds it creates.

Whether it’s a single asset or an entire pipeline, we deliver the comprehensive expertise & competitive differentiation you demand.

Zenmark also offers an end-to-end approach encompassing:

  • Global Linguistic Analysis

  • International Market Research

  • Worldwide Safety Testing

  • Phonetic Orthographic Computer Analysis (POCA)

  • Regulatory Submission Preparation & Response


Additional Expertise