Stanford Healthcare ClickWell

ClickWell: Sacrificing time, not quality.


Stanford Health Care (Palo Alto, California), one of the premier hospitals in the nation, part of Stanford University's world-leading health and medical research organization.


Usually our clients contact us in the early stages of a project, giving us time to plan and prepare. But occasionally we're called on to be the smokejumpers of the branding world, ready to parachute into a hot situation and produce results fast. When Stanford Health Care approached us, they were dissatisfied with the results of an internal naming project, and now they needed a better name in just four weeks.

To be fair, four weeks isn't a super rush for us, but it meant that we had to be very efficient in how we approached the problem. SHC needed a name for an online clinic that lets people interface with their primary care physician: checkups, blood tests and other simple interactions happen via email, text and video, allowing doctors to help more people.

We started with the names SHC had already tried, so we knew what territory was well trodden. Competitors had names that were either too lighthearted or downright silly. SHC wanted a more professional name, something that indicated they took patient health seriously. We generated some names based on the question, "What would competitor names look like if they grew up, made it through puberty, and got a job?"

After some quick thinking and some back and forth with SHC, we arrived at the name ClickWell. It implies the digital interaction central to the product, but maintains a focus on what's really important: patient wellness. Bringing all the stakeholders to a consensus in such a short amount of time was challenging, but eventually, everyone was happy with the name.

Best of all, we did it on time, on budget, and without breaking a sweat

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