Sprint Guidelines

Leading a category’s branding revolution.


Sprint (Kansas City, MO), the nation’s third-largest provider of wireless mobility services to consumers, business and government.


When the Model A6234 suddenly turned into the Razr, the entire “source code” of naming mobile handsets changed instantly. Companies not familiar with the creativity of brand naming needed to reboot their approach and strategy.

Sprint found itself in this position as the world of branded wireless devices began to explode. However, internal processes and procedures were still stuck in the past. Our challenge was not merely to assist with naming and branding, but to initiate a new approach that could best manage these new brand challenges and the resulting intellectual property management impact.

Our recommendation was to institute a dual path approach. First, develop product names ahead of their joining the pipeline, while simultaineously formulating an overarching brand architecture to guide the development of future brand names into a thematically and tonally organized outcome, to resonate with a diverse consumer audience.

A key component of this approach was to empower products teams working without the benefit of a naming agency to quickly name their new products, while staying on message and on brand. Sprint has benefitted from these new efficiencies, saving considerable time and money in their many new product launch cycles over the years.

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