RoadMate: Building a brand to last.


Magellan (Santa Clara, CA), who’s there to help travelers find their way through portable GPS navigation


Oftentimes, companies have their own naming aesthetic. They love generated words with no “real English” touchpoint. Or they don’t. Real was the order of the day when Silicon Valley innovator Magellan approached Zenmark to create the company’s own brand name around one of their most successful technologies.

Originally developed for Hertz rent-a-car and offered under the NeverLost name, this in-vehicle NAV system included turn-by-turn voice and visual guidance, full-color touchscreen display and other niceties many drivers now take for granted. But before consumers could “expect” their cars to lead the way, the brand needed an identity all its own. It needed a name that was simple, identifiable, catchy, completely different from NeverLost — and real. As in utilizing real English words.

Zenmark does real English. We created the nameRoadMate for Magellan in this instance. No misspellings or unique phonetics. Two well-known words joined as one to be memorable. And that remains to this day as the longest-used vehicle guidance system brand name in the industry other than NeverLost.

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