Using U.S. expertise for non-U.S. naming.


Nycomed, a research-based company with a primary focus on pharmaceuticals (now part of Takeda, Japan’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer)


Zenmark has exceptional people in-house who vet names for international audiences. However, occasionally an assignment with an international application in mind requires a partnership of creative minds. So at the client's request, we partnered with Stockholm-based Skriptor to create a name for a novel treatment aimed at patients with Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS), a rare condition that impairs a person’s ability to absorb nutrients and fluids in people who have had a significant portion of their small intestine removed. SBS typically arises after surgical removal of the bowel due to Crohn's disease, ischemia or other conditions.

The Zenmark & Skriptor teams collaborated on all aspects of the project from discovery through selection of the name, Revestive. This mark powerfully evokes a sense of renewal and revitalization of an impacted digestive system and has served Takeda well in its many non-US markets.

And the take away on Zenmark? We play nice with others.

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