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Dell (Austin, TX), leading maker of computers, peripherals and solutions designed to help people achieve their dreams


Simple is better than complex. Really simple is better than simple. However, identifying what is really simple can be a complex proposition. Because it's so easy for any of us to look far and wide — and to think and overthink. Sometimes, the answer is right there in front of you. Or at least we love when it is.

For the twelfth generation of Dell's PowerEdge servers, the company hoped to leverage QR code technology to add to its service and support offerings — but to do so in an unique manner.

The Zenmark creative brainstorm centered around a simple fact: At the end of the day, a QR code is a shortcut to a URL. Owning the terminology, QRL, seemed like a home run for Dell given that its audience was well versed in the nomenclature of technology and would get both the rhyme and the reason.

Today, IT professionals needing critical support can find it via Dell’s QRL, affording immediate access to manuals, specs, system layout designs and how-to videos. Dell has seized upon what we believe is the definitive name for such a technology-based user offering.

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