Making technical sound accessible.


Natera (San Carlos, CA), leader in prenatal testing designed to aid doctors and couples.


Given the complexity of science, creating a memorable, simple name for a biotech product presents unique challenges. As it did when Natera approached Zenmark to create a trademark for a new non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT).

Through a blood sample from the mother, the test seeks out the baby’s DNA (some of which crosses into the mother’s bloodstream) and identifies abnormalities indicative of Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, Patau Syndrome and others.

Our naming instincts drove us to the power of clarity. We ventured down multiple paths until our creative brainstorm came upon the solution. The term for an unbroken view of the entire region surrounding an observer: panorama. In Natera’s case, the ability to expansively view chromosomal abnormalities seemed fitting. The fact that a panorama also connotes the prospect of wide expanses of blue sky and peace of mind also seemed appropriate. Natera agreed. And today,Panorama delivers insight to a pregnant couple at their most critical time.

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