Overdrive Keeping the competition at bay.


Sprint (Overland Park, KS), the nation’s third-largest provider of wireless mobility services to consumers, business and government


The arms race is nothing compared to the broadband speed race. We are talking some serious competition here, not to mention sizable payloads of branding dollars thrown around to obliterate the enemy. Despite the challenges of competing with aggressive adversaries, Sprint has held their own without the benefit of a Ma Bell legacy, being the first to introduce 4G broadband service nationwide.

Zenmark held on tight and enjoyed the ride at Sprint’s side, as a proud partner to the well-known Midwestern telecom giant. Among the many contributions that we’ve made was the naming of the industry's first 3G/4G mobile hotspot. Manufactured by Sierra Wireless, it allows a 4G broadband connection to be shared by up to five users.

The Zenmark creative brainstorm centered around a simple fact: At the end of the day, a QR code is a shortcut to a URL. Owning the terminology, QRL, seemed like a home run for Dell given that its audience was well versed in the nomenclature of technology and would get both the rhyme and the reason.

The device reminded us in size and shape of an external hard drive. Our brainstorming around that basic observation (floppy drive, optical drive, flash drive…) led us to a name with far more emotional and aspirational connotations: Overdrive. The name was spot on, brimming with positive energy and providing a handle for the first dual-mode shareable device that still leaves the competition in the rearview mirror.

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