Giving Dell a new voice.


Dell (Austin, TX), leading maker of computers, peripherals and solutions designed to help people achieve their dreams


Oftentimes, our best client relationships are built around one aspect of a client’s business and grow to touch increasingly divergent aspects of the company and its needs. Zenmark’s longstanding relationship with Dell is a good example.

We had been working with the Texas computer maker for a couple of years already when an unusual request arrived — new venture. In a burgeoning new digital communications arena with virtually no marketing history. Dell was about to launch a new social network service that would allow organizations and individuals to reach more customers and grow profitability all while protecting their brand identity. It was an idea completely outside Dell’s business unit framework, but right up our alley.

Marketvine, the chosen name, reflected the metaphor of a vine that reaches out to an array of social network connections — a name firmly “rooted” in human-to-human interactions (think grapevine). Marketvine is yet one more step in Dell's march to evolve beyond the traditional desktop.

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