LQD Cooling System

Pursuing the definitive name.


Switch Lighting (San Jose, CA), innovation upstart applying LED technologies to create highly efficient household light bulbs


Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) light bulbs have by and large been a disappointment with consumers, and this has resulted in an unsustainable business model for manufacturers. With incandescent bulbs mandated by law to cease production, the push is on for LED-based bulbs that can reap a sizable share of market revenue. And with 32 billion light sockets around the world, “sizable” is the operative word.

Up against giants like Phillips and GE, Switch Lighting is a nimble startup that has invented LED technology combining a unique coolant made of liquid silicone and a highly efficient driver — resulting in LED’s that use the bulb’s entire surface to disperse heat and allowing for more energy and light.

We convinced Switch to base the name of its new technology as the presumptive innovation — naming not simply a product but offering a term that could rename the entire category. The bulb went off when we showed them LQD. Essentially LED with Liquid Cooling or LQD. A perfect equation.

“Working with Zenmark made a difficult decision easier. They helped us develop criteria for the name, determine the key features to highlight, showed us names that pushed our thinking, and ultimately led us to the perfect name for a technology for which we are so proud.” — Tracy Bilbrough, CEO of SWITCH Lighting.

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