HP Roam


Hewlett Packard


Printers have been coupled to PCs pretty much since day one. The rest of the world has gone mobile but printing is decidedly old school.  Yes, there are work arounds, namely using somebody else’s personal relationship to a print queue.  But what if you no longer were constrained by some preconfigured connection to a specific printer? What if you could print Anywhere, Anytime andfrom Any Device?

That’s the premise Zenmark was tasked to express when HP outlined their plans to completely upend & disrupt today’s printing paradigm. The name needed to convey freedom, flexibility, and simplicity.  It doesn’t matter if you’re flying to Chicago, walking across campus or simply visiting Mom & Dad. You have something you need printed and HP takes care of the rest.

In our opinion, Roam pretty much nails it. As faint echoes of the B-52’s 1989 hit roll thru your head, the name essentially says: Go Forth & Print.  Anywhere. Anytime. From Any Device.  Any Questions?

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