Separating from the pack.


Landis+Gyr (Zug, Switzerland), global leader in smart metering solutions for electricity, gas and water utilities


The goal in naming is always to stand out, to create elbow room around your brand and marketing endeavors. But occasionally a name absolutely requires the use of a specific word, even if many other competitors have used it before. Why? Because it’s so readily understood. Think WalMart, K-Mart, SaveMart.

The word “grid” was deemed a must-have by Landis+Gyr when Zenmark was brought in to name a critically important smart grid system — one combining metering, communications, network management software and professional services in a unified and secure platform.

The eventual name, Gridstream, captured both the client’s desire for a firm footing within its category as well as a nod to the intelligent use of data to take energy to where it's needed most in real time. Gridstream had just the right balance of descriptive yet evocative language — a goal Zenmark strives for in our pursuit of names that stand the test of time.

Our job is to design ideas that move a business forward while ensuring the time and money necessary to gain brand traction is as small as possible. For Landis+Gyr, that meant providing memorably descriptive language that would be instantly understood by public utilities hoping to maximize their energy management assets — and help the planet utilize precious resources better.

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