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Recently, Dell Computer presented us with a not-so-inconsequential request, "Can you help us reboot our brand architecture?" While they had grown over the years quite organically into a "house of brands" their goal was to deliberately evolve into a "Branded House." For a company of their size, complexity, and lineage, any major strategic shift would be complicated and fraught with peril. With Dell, this definitely wouldn't be dull.

Mobile Integration

Challenge Number 1: An inaugural name for a smartphone to satisfy a major US mobile carrier, STAT! To spice things up, a long-term brand strategy in parallel for everything that was coming right behind it, phones, tablets, Chrome Books, you name it (literally).

While Venue & Venue Pro had a brief moment in the sun, they were only placeholders. And if the right move had been to create a new brand for all mobile products you arguably could've done a lot worse. You could easily envision Venues for business, for school, for entertainment, etc. A venue by its very nature can be practically anything or anywhere. And, it's equally good for phones, tablets, or really any type of mobile device.

The right move, however, was less not more. So the task at hand was to determine the cleanest most intuitive manner in which to bring a whole slew of new mobile devices for consumers, prosumers, and commercial customers into what was already a complicated and sprawling product portfolio. The simple answer was to consolidate the consumer and commercial brand portfolios while simultaneously constructing a unified nomenclature and taxonomy system to govern naming and versioning for all products. Suffice to say the only simple part of the above was writing the description.

Enterprise Solutions

Our next challenge was to assess enterprise offerings, specifically the brand architecture of the storage portfolio that had been essentially assembled via numerous acquisitions over the years and which needed to quickly absorb (or not) a few more.

Next up was the long-planned 12G Server launch where best practices were required and a decision matrix necessary to determine what to brand or not to brand. The latter decidedly finished well in front of the former.

Along the way we also got to name Dell's take on QR Code technology and specifically how it could help systems managers with keeping their severs going 24/7. We think that QRL is a better moniker than QR Codes themselves, but regardless it's a nice mark if we do say so ourselves.

And most recently we named a new type of social network advocacy platform, MarketVine, that empowers informed and motivated individuals to benefit from their knowledge and expertise in a manner mutually beneficial to both brands and consumers alike.

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