b2b2dot0 (now Corevist), a web based order management system, primarily focused on B2B transactions.


Life would be a whole lot easier if everyone got what we meant. You have a perfectly reasonable name that actually makes sense. If people just got it, that is. So, you’re ready to change the channel and start talking about why you matter rather than what your company name means.

Enter b2b2dot0. B2B? Check. 2.0? You mean like Web 2.0? Sure, makes sense. You’re using the Web to take typical b2b infrastructure to the next level, where everything is more quickly & easily connected, where relationships are more intimate and adaptability isn't a four-letter word. What’s not to like?

For starters, b2b2dot0 is a perfect example of a company name that buries the lead. And, unfortunately, it’s also a poster child for carbon dating. Depending upon whom you ask, Web 3.0 is either happening now or is about to pretty shortly. b2b3dot0 anyone?

And there’s the rub. It’s important, sure, but exactly how important? Time & money definitely don’t grow on trees. Fortunately, b2b – how they’re typically known within the industry – and Zenmark found each other at just the right time inside a perfect storm of circumstances. B2b is a perfectly good name. If you’re referring to the industry in general and not the company, in particular, that is. And, that’s not typically a good place to be, even when you actually are selling rubber bands.

Thus after a short exercise with its normal ups & downs, b2b found themselves far more holistically expressed by Corevist. Quite simply they are experts at allowing manufacturers to make their complex SAP-driven business processes and data quickly and easily visible to their customers, partners and suppliers.

Sam Bayer, CEO of Corevist had this to say; "Changing a corporate name is never a simple exercise. But with the help of a partner like Zenmark, using their methodology and creativity, I can say that we 'almost enjoyed‘ the process. In the end, we're very happy with our new name and the feedback from our clients has been all positive".

Could we have said it better? Sure, but we’ll take it.

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