Branding a cancer breakthrough.


Exelixis (San Francisco, CA), leading biopharmaceutical innovator specializing in small molecule cancer treatments.


Like many pharmaceutical manufacturing leaders, Exelixis approached Zenmark to name one of its new advances — a breakthrough thyroid cancer treatment (monastic medullary thyroid cancer, or MTC, to be specific). While there are literally hundreds of branding companies that provide naming services, no more than a handful successfully do it for pharmaceutical assets.

The creation of the Cometriq brand name is a prominent example of why Zenmark has such an impressive success rate. With intense focus, we met the company's desire to launch with a name rich in both specificity and marketing potential.

Our solution reflected the drug’s powerful efficacy (Comet), unique MET receptor impact while hinting at the inherent “IQ” — intelligence, obviously. The name Cometriq sailed through daunting legal hurdles inherent in pharmaceutical naming and was approved by the FDA in just six months — an accelerated pace reserved for promising cancer therapies. As much as Exelixis appreciated the positive results, cancer patients do even more.

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