Formulating a path to consensus.


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Joint ventures take a rare combination of flexibility and consensus building, qualities we’ve worked hard to develop over the years. This is acutely exacerbated when it involves block-buster products from global pharmaceutical giants where the target market is both physicians and patients.

Zenmark was retained by Abbott to develop a brand identity for their new fixed dose combination (FDC) cholesterol-lowering (dyslipidemia) product that combined Trilipix, with Crestor, a statin product fromAstraZeneca. The project began with a strategic analysis of the dyslipidemia product space which resulted in a fully developed positioning & messaging platform. This informed the creative development phase, which culminated in a robust set of viable brand name candidates. Next up was the validation phase, which included quantitative & qualitative market research of both patients and professionals, regulatory & safety testing (FDA) and in-depth global linguistics in over 50 languages and territories.

As is often the case in joint venture projects, there can be challenges managing the individual partner company perspectives. With the research results in hand, Zenmark brokered consensus and led the team to a shortlist of names for FDA submission and approval that was enthusiastically endorsed by both sides.

Certriad was the clear winner and was subsequently granted FDA approval. Certriad evokes a powerful sense of "certainty," while clearly acknowledging both the efficacy across the full lipid panel (HDL, LDL and Triglycerides) and also giving a nod to all three products (Crestor, Trilipix and Tricor). Unfortunately, the drug didn’t fare as well, falling below expectations in its Phase III clinical trial.

In all, Zenmark spearheaded a full set of processes over a seven-month period and, while the drug ultimately didn’t live up to its potential, we more than proved our mettle. As a results we've since worked on several projects for both companies.

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