Merging audio and artistry.


Dolby Laboratories (San Francisco, CA), creators of Dolby® noise reduction and all-around innovator in the area of audio sound


The preeminent brand name in its category, Dolby has long stood for delivering faithful audio reproduction of an artist’s intentions. That commitment has expanded over the years to many groundbreaking technologies, advancing the art and science of audio reproduction. It has also expanded from offering not only great sound, but also giving individuals greater control over how their music and entertainment is experienced.

Shortly after the company’s acquisition of Lake Technologies of Sydney, Australia, Zenmark was tasked with the challenge of naming a unique sound customizing technology the now joined companies would launch. One which would be offered as both a licensable product and an endorsed brand/subsidiary of Dolby. One reflecting the straight-forward Dolby approach, yet embracing the wildly innovative Lake culture.

In this challenge, Zenmark collaborated with two distinctly different marketing cultures separated by both their philosophy of what makes a great name and the International Date Line. Ultimately, the answer to bridging divergent corporate cultures was to create a single name that bridged two physical elements they both had deep passion for: Audio and Artistry.

The resulting name, Audistry, won internal consensus and has proved an effective name for the true believers in Dolby — those who can hear the slightest difference and “jones” over the ability to customize the sounds they listen to.

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