Ampyra Validation

Assessing naming options for success.


Acorda Therapeutics (Ardsley, NY), a leader in research-based company creating therapies for those suffering from spinal injuries and MS


Most pharmaceutical makers refer to their assets by their non-proprietary name or by an alpha-numeric designation — until that is, a brand name can be properlydeveloped, tested, cleared and approved by the global health authorities. The marketing team at Acorda faced an atypical challenge. They had a drug that had not yet made its way to the FDA, but was already being referred to by an unapproved and unprotected brand name. That legacy name was making it difficult to judge new candidates.

Zenmark was brought into the process to conduct a thorough analysis of naming candidates that had already been developed by others. The impartial consultants, so to speak. We took on the charge with every bit as much gusto as an assignment in which we created the names ourselves. You’ll find that about us. We are open to working in unconventional ways. It’s a source of pride, in fact.

Our team led Acorda through an analytical assessment of all the name candidates, developing criteria based upon input from key stakeholders. We led the charge through safety and regulatory testing and eventually finalists were submitted to the FDA. The approved name, Ampyra, soon doubled their portfolio of approved revenue generating therapies

This name indicates an ambulatory treatment to improve walking in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). We believe they also indicate the kind of collaborative partnership you can expect of Zenmark should you choose to work with us.

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