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Greg Balla

CEO & Creative Director

Contact Information


Office: (415) 434-4800

Greg began his career in search of mind-expanding training that would unleash his creativity & weaponize his problem solving. So, naturally, he became an electrical engineer. It’s safe to say he’s the Naming & Branding community’s only Creative Director with an EE who possesses a unique combination of advanced technology knowhow and marketing insight. He received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland and initially specialized in the design and creation of advanced communications systems.


After programing the USAF’s SR-71 Blackbird guidance systems, designing Marriot’s first PC-based Intranet, evangelizing PC network pioneer Novell, and finding himself a ground zero employee at startup Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), Greg found a brand new bag.


During the waning daze of the dotcom boom, he segued into product design & brand strategy, unwittingly honing the verbal design creative chops necessary to embark upon his own venture.  Greg co-founded Zenmark in 1999 where he continues driving the creative — and fixing a faulty light socket or two. Greg lives in Marin County with his wife and their daughter.

Favorite Brand(s)

  • Rotato
  • Corvette
  • NASA

Meaningful Name(s)

  • Spring Elizabeth (daughter)
  • Dallas Brandon (son)
  • Janis (Mercedes GLK)


  • Vinyl Records
  • Great TV
  • The Perfect Manhattan