Zenmark has high-profile brand strategy & gaming naming experience within large consumer targeted markets. Currently we are unveiling a Brand Architecture, Product Naming & Versioning System for OMEN by HP. 


Since 2013 OMEN by HP has steadily ascended as a premier PC Gaming platform. Their leadership position was solidified by sponsoring the Overwatch League, a high-profile eSports league for the video game of the same name.


Problem: Omen’s brand architecture was essentially non-existent. HP’s loose collection of boringly descriptive names (Omen Desktop, Laptop, Keyboard, etc.) sounded a death knell within the highly competitive and imagery obsessed gaming community. And OMEN needed this new architecture and product name family on a fast timeline, within 2 months.


Zenmark’s Solution?


A thematically integrated, attention-captivating collection of Gaming Naming components.  The first wave of names speaks for itself. More coming soon to a home/arena near you.

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