We trust our gut. But you may not.

Every new product or service created is a leap of faith. But the leap is easier to make with the confidence of market input. Zenmark provides expertise in evaluating all facets of branding — names, taglines, nomenclature and more. Through both qualitative and quantitative means, we’ll uncover the insights required to help you make strategic, data-driven decisions about your brands.

Today’s global economy requires brands to work across countries and continents. We have over a decade of experience with such international challenges. It's why we've developed a rigorous preliminary global trademark screening protocol with the assistance of seasoned intellectual property professionals. And why we rely on native speaking, in-country linguists for preliminary and in-depth linguistic assessment. In every case, Zenmark approaches research with an intensity that reflects the enormous investment of time and capital that goes into the building of a brand.

Testing Names for Business