Your Rx for pharmaceuticals

The overcrowding present in international trademark classes for pharmaceuticals, biologics and medical devices, combined with the additional complexity of the regulatory approval process, requires pharma companies to perform extensive due diligence.

Zenmark has been assisting companies with their pharmaceutical naming and branding since 2002. Clients turn to us for individual trademarks as well as comprehensive libraries of names they can rely on as needed — be it an individual molecule, pipeline of molecules, medical device, disease state, delivery system, branded generic, nonproprietary name (INN/USAN), OTC or animal health product.  

We've learned the ins and outs of a field that's every bit as complex as the chemical compounds it creates. Whether you desire only brand names or an end-to-end approach that encompasses research, safety testing, and phonetic orthographic computer analysis (POCA), we offer the comprehensive experience you demand. 

Project: Emergency Branding Services.
Client: Bristol-Myers Squibb