Soul. Name. One and the same.

In many cultures, a name reflects deeply held beliefs. The early Egyptian word, ren, referred to both a person’s “name” and that culture’s concept of the human soul. 

A great name encapsulates what’s important to your audience in a way that cannot be ignored. It has the power to coalesce a company’s efforts around a core belief and inspire individuals. And it can’t be great if it already belongs to somebody else. We take great care to present options you can fall in love and stay in love with. Because we know there’s nothing worse than the disappointment of wanting what you can’t have.


As a key component of our services, Zenmark performs the due diligence required to ensure marks are legally viable, linguistically sound, market tested and regulatory-ready when necessary. We also consult on the efficacy of names you already own. Or advise you on whether it's necessary to name at all.

Whether it's a product or service name, company name, tagline or library of names, Zenmark has seen it, done it and done it again. The bottom line? We study every aspect of the challenge to develop brand name ideas that are distinctive, creative and original.