Jett Drolette

Director of Naming & Design

Favorite brand name(s)
Hacienda (nightclub), Techniques (turntable), Yahoo!, El Camino (car)

Meaningful name(s)
Suede (band), Noor Jahan, Bad Schandau (town in Southern Germany)

David Bowies Berlin Period, Jan Tschichold, Miles Davis, NYC 1970-1983, African Culture

Jett has been branding products and services at Zenmark for ten plus years. You’ll notice him in meetings — he’s the one with the wheels clearly turning even before the process begins. And rarely does Jett stop until he’s put his unique spin on the challenge at hand. The list of brands Jett has conceived for Zenmark’s clients is long and impressive. He’s the creative you hope we have here working behind the scenes. And we actually do.