If we couldn’t name the company, there wouldn’t be one.

In 1999, a Silicon Valley engineer and a Hollywood screenwriter discovered they had a unique talent for naming. After several unexpected successes and despite their lack of formal training, they were posed a challenge by a client: “Come up with a name for yourself for tomorrow's board meeting.” (You know, just like in the real world.)

We decided that if we could come up with the best name in the industry in just one night, then we'd set out on our own. The name had to be more than memorable. It had to be available. No www.acme-naming-agency-inc.com for this branding company.

The coffee and scent of felt marker flowed. Around 4am, a San Francisco branding agency named Zenmark was born. In a single word, our founders captured a philosophy that seeks balance between liberating language (Zen) and respecting boundaries — trade(mark).

Our ability to do just that has led Zenmark into boardrooms and war rooms around the world. The client list has grown to include leaders in automotive, information technology, consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, energy, and arts & entertainment. Our capabilities have expanded beyond naming as well, encompassing strategy and research.

Working out of our headquarters on historic Maiden Lane in San Francisco, and from our offices on 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, Zenmark has grown into a proven leader in Verbal Design. Coast-to-coast and around the world, we've got you covered.