Meeting tomorrow's needs today.

Case Study: GSK Pipeline
Zenmark specializes in multiple-asset naming projects. For GlaxoSmithKline, this meant encompassing the entire pipeline. Nearly a year later, GSK had a set of candidates that met global legal and discriminating creative requirements. Read on. »

GSK Pipeline

“I’m tired of explaining my name.”

Case Study: Corevist
As Sam Bayer, CEO of b2b2dot0 so eloquently put it “changing a company name is never a simple exercise.” He wasn’t kidding. But results speak louder than words. And brands are almost all ways better than generics. Read on. »


More Dell, less names.

Case Study: Dell
Strategy solves for today and plans for tomorrow. From mobile to server, storage to solutions, and consumer to commercial we’ve created everything from names to nomenclature to help bring order and simplicity to Dell’s entire portfolio. Read on. »


Making technical sound accessible.

Case Study: Panorama
Scientific naming poses unique challenges. For Natera, we balanced technical accuracy and simplicity in naming a prenatal test. Our name, Panorama, captured the expansive view this treatment brings to pregnant couples. Read on. »


Branding a cancer breakthrough.

Case Study: Cometriq
Exelixis approached Zenmark to name one of its new molecules — a breakthrough thyroid cancer treatment (monastic medullary thyroid cancer, or MTC, to be specific). Read on. »


Keeping the competition at bay.

Case Study: Overdrive
For Sprint, every new advance is a potential advantage. This mobile hot spot device expanded upon their leadership in broadband service. Our name for it, Overdrive, spoke to a technology that overdelivers while mobile. And has kept Sprint out front. Read on. »


Bringing our "A" game at crunch time.

Case Study: Yervoy
After others had failed and with time running short, Bristol-Myers Squibb turned to Zenmark to name a new melanoma drug. Our concise solution, Yervoy, is pronounced nearly identically in all languages. A huge advantage in marketing efficiency. Read on. »